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Prepare for the triumphant return of the Neurpfunk  Bass Pack from Big5Audio! This extraordinary collection features over 102 meticulously curated Bass Loops and Hits, poised to catapult your production into uncharted sonic dimensions.


These sounds have been expertly crafted by the likes of 92elm, Demure, and Aditya, designed to transcend genre boundaries. Whether you're diving into Dubstep, Half-time, Neurofunk, DNB, Electro, or beyond, these bass samples are your passport to crafting out-of-this-world sounds that will propel your music to the next level.


Unlock your creative potential with Twisted Bass Samples and revolutionize your music production journey today!


  • 35 Bass Loops, 8 Bass SFX, 7 Bass Fill, 52 Bass Shots , Kicks Snares, Hats, Percs, Drum Loops and More

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