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Elevate your Drum and Bass productions with Pads and Textures inspired by top-tier artists like Sorrow, Synkro, Feint, and many more. These soundscapes are not limited to just your Liquid sessions – they're a versatile addition to your sonic arsenal.


In collaboration with De Ana, a classical pianist turned producer, we've meticulously curated and transformed sounds from a diverse range of instruments, including Cellos, Marimbas, Pianos, and Modular Synths, to offer you a treasure trove of versatile textures for your music.


These textures are more than just a fit for Drum and Bass; they find their place in Cinematic compositions, House tracks, Dubstep bangers, Trance anthems, and beyond. Whether you're looking to fill out the background or create emotive soundscapes that take the forefront, Pads and Textures are your secret weapon.


Experience a new dimension of creativity and let these sounds breathe life into your music. Enjoy the journey!


  • 52 WAV FIles (Textures Only)

  • 48kHZ/24bit

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